Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winter Lips

I love these whites with lush lashes and lilac lips for winter...

I prefer the opacity of Angelababy's lips.  However, for everyday purposes, I suppose the sheerer version would be less cadaverish. 

The Tom Ford glasses are interesting too.

(images: angelababyshopbop ca. 2008)


  1. omg its so pretty!!!!

    do you know what lipstick that has that color ?? I really want to buy it the color is so pretty!! plz tell me when u have time , thanks!

  2. I wish I could carry off that look. It's so gorgeous!

  3. Love these looks!! By the way, the glow effect is from lighting (Best achieved with sun light). I also use a highlighter, after learning this tip from Youtube guru "Jungsaemmool". There are heaps of highlighter products out there. Some matte, some shimmery, just depends on your preference! Since Melbourne is so cloudy, sometimes I use photoshop to lighten the photos, haha..

  4. mmm.. I haven't tried lilac lips yet.. don't forget to check my 2nd blog!