Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kittens + Personal Inspiration

We found kittens! More photos later.
(Yeah, I know you like my 60's linoleum...)

On a personal note, I'm taking a test next week. Even though it's the most important test I'll ever take (no exaggeration) and it's only been a few weeks (and I've been unproductive), I'm burning out. And the practice tests on U-World are demoralizing!

In these desperate times, I need motivation! I'm looking to Dr. Lisa Airan for inspiration. Obviously, I don't know her... but in my mind, she embodies the concept of "work hard, play hard." She must have been such a gunner (or sniper). I need to push myself to be one too!

She's so lovely...

Blogger ban until post-test.



  1. omg the kitten is sooo adorable! Are they stray? GL finding them homes, are they weaned yet? you are so awesome for helping them :D

    And good luck on the test!

  2. i want to sigh, but instead i will say:

    let's do this!

  3. I love kittens~!

    Good luck!!!

  4. aw...the kitten is so cute >.<
    cant wait for more pictures!

    and i love the dresses their gorgeous

  5. Good luck on your test - i am sure you will do fine.

    And that little catlet is the cutest thing ever!

  6. I'm not a cat person, but that kitten looks sooooooo adorable!

  7. omggg your kitty looks SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. omg that is probably the cutest kitten i have ever seen! :)


  9. aawwww the kittie is so cute
    and it seems like you stopped updating your blog?!

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