Saturday, July 18, 2009

personal ie. boring

you might want to skip... (stephanie, read this)

went to chris' to pick up a review book. he had intended to give me 2 small books. then he started adding more and more... subjects that i would have never considered high-yield! not enough time! i honestly don't know how i managed to squander 5-6 weeks!

anyway, i feel it's pretty telling that my classmates turned to prescription drugs (legally, of course!) to combat the situation. some have recommended ambien... but i've heard bad things too. i don't know... risky either way, no?

it's becoming hopeless. north korea, if you must send a missile in the near future, send it before i take my test, ok?


  1. oh dear, bi! it is never hopeless. you can do it. but for starters... stop finding out how other people did - refuse to hear from them until after your exam. it will only continue to paralyze you regardless of how they did (as has already been evidenced). no missiles. don't you know i'm supposed to get them here? i hope before my d-day. hee hee. hang in there!

  2. don't really know too much about this post but this scares me "less than 99th percentile-->no elective-->no interview", best of luck :)

  3. good luck with your studies~ hang in there! you'll make it =)
    I think generally Kate palettes are $18-20. I kinda made a estimate from online prices but mine was around that price too.

  4. hey there! good luck with your studies..I'm sure you'll do great :D

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  5. good luck!!

    and i loveeeeee sticky notes.
    they make my textbooks complete